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Since our launch in early 2016, we have supported, advised and coached more than 40 Startups, SME and Freelancers in Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Annecy, Paris and Lyon. Here are a few of them.

NoFuel is a French startup developping a premium nautical solution, based on a range of 100% eletric powered luxury boats, elegant pontoons equipped with solar roof and an intelligent power station allowing to charge the batteries in on night.


La Business Factory helped Maxime, François and Marc improve NoFuel's business plan and financial forecast, define its market segmentation strategy, improve its commercial documents, expand its press and media network, and define and execute its funding strategy (250K€).


Website: no-fuel.com

Funky Brunch is a Swiss event agency organising festive brunches in beautiful places (hotels, restaurants or unexpected locations) in Switzerland and France, with trendy DJs, renowned chefs and activities for the youngsters.


La Business Factory helped Jacqueline in Funky Brunch's international development, manage its perpspective of growth, relations with new stakeholders and with its growing team.


Website: funkybrunch.com

English Triumph is a Swiss language training startup, offering online face-to-face courses with seasoned trainers. But it is also a social initiative, helping Philipinos earn decently their life.


La Business Factory helped Benjamin refine English Triumph's strategy on the B2B market, enhance its communication on social networks, improve its commercial documents, and adjust its startegy for fund raising.


Website: englishtriumph.com

NaturHappy is a French eco-lodge, offering personal development seminars and workshops for individuals and companies, with complete hosting services (hostellery and organic food restaurant).


La Business Factory helped Marie refine NaturHappy's business plan and business model, improve its funding strategy and strengthen its pitch for investors and stakeholders.


Website: to come soon!



Olivier Miche Photography is a Swiss press accredited and independent photographer and social media community manager, with a strong expertise in nature, city, lifestyle, events and portraits photography. He works for SME, Tourism Offices and Events Agencies in Switzerland and France.


La Business Factory helped Olivier define Olivier Miche Photography's commercial strategy and structure a set of specialised commercial packages for its clients.


Website: photosomi.com

Sculp Body is a Swiss fitness and wellness company, with a double expertise in physical performance and biomedical nutrition. Sculp Body offers personal coaching for individuals as well as "coaching as a service" for fitness institutes in Switzerland.


La Business Factory helped Ariane refine Sculp Body's price model, improve its rentability and develop its offer towards fitness institutes.


Website: sculpbody.com

Jeffrey is a Swiss personal services plateform, providing individuals with the complete services of a modern majordome, like handling your laundry, cooking at your home, deliver a parcel for you, take care of your pet and many other! All the services are provided by individuals, making Jeffrey the first Swiss people to people personal services plateform.


La Business Factory has just started to help Matias and Victor. Come back to discover what we did for Jeffrey.


Website: jeffrey-services.com


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